How to Get the Word Out about Seasonal Promotions 

How to Get the Word Out about Seasonal Promotions

Every brand and business has their busy seasons, those annual patterns when sales and customer traffic shoot up. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are probably the best-known examples, but seasonal promotions can take place on any major holiday, as well as special events such as graduation or vacations. These special promotions are a prime opportunity to boost your bottom line—if you have a strong social media campaign at the ready.

Here are a few important planks to incorporate when building the foundation for a successful promotional push:

  • Get an Early Start

You’ll need time to plan your strategy, and you’ll also want to roll out your social media campaign well in advance of your seasonal event. Basically, it’s never too early to get started.

  • Determine Your Messaging and Target Customer

Ideally, your seasonal campaign should clearly define what you’re saying, and who you are saying it to. Perhaps you want to make parents’ lives easier as their kids return to campus in the fall (“Stock up on everything you need for back to school.”) Maybe you’re reminding men to splurge on a purchase for Valentine’s Day (“Gift your special someone with something special”). Or maybe you want to clear out inventory during a three-day weekend sale by creating a sense of urgency (“Get it before it’s gone”). This vision will guide you in crafting all your content.

  • Decide on Ad Buys

You may want to purchase ads on your social channels of choice for big seasonal promotions. Experienced social media managers are essential to this process. They can review your analytics, marketing goals, and industry trends to determine what kind of ad campaign would be most effective.

  • Set Your Budget

This should include any ad buys, as well as costs for any video filming and editing, items offered in promotional contests or giveaways, or any other content needs.

  • Plan Your Campaign

And speaking of content needs, you’ll want to coordinate all of your posts, ads, blogs, and videos on a well-timed schedule. Start with how long you want your campaign to run—two weeks before your event? A month?—and then work from there. Again, the expertise of a social media manager is invaluable. This person can recommend the types of content that will gain the most eyeballs, and which social channels to put that content on. Social media managers can also help with the timeline of your rollout, so you know when to post your product video on Instagram Stories or send out a promotional email.

  • Get Your Social Shopping in Order

Of course, you can use social media to direct traffic to your company’s website. But the advent of social shopping tools makes it easy for potential customers to buy from an Instagram post link or your online storefront at Facebook Shops. Consult with a social media expert to find the right fit for your brand, and make sure it’s up and running before your promotion kicks in.

Perfect Partner Solutions is here to help you maximize the potential of your seasonal promotions, and we can also analyze trends and date to help you find new revenue-generating opportunities. Contact us today to get started.