9 Signs You Need to Hire a Social Media Manager

9 Signs You Need to Hire a Social Media Manager

You know your company has to be on social media. But it’s not just a matter of being “on” it—you need to be an active participant, contributing content and building community for brand authenticity.

That may seem like a task you can handle on your own at first. But running social media is an art and a science. There are certain indicators to watch for that signify the job may be too big, and you need the expertise of a social media manager. Are you experiencing any of the following issues? If so, you may be ready for some help.

You can’t be responsive.

It’s hard to be a thought leader in your industry if you can’t tweet or blog about the hot topics of the day in your field. Building brand reputation is difficult if you can’t respond to positive or negative reviews on Yelp. And if you don’t have time to answer product questions on Facebook, you may be missing out on potential sales. Interaction is critical on social media, and if you’re too busy to connect, then you’re losing value that your social channels bring to your brand

It takes up too much time.

Handling social media in a thoughtful, strategic way is a job. Unfortunately, you already have a job running your business. You’ll spread yourself too thin trying to juggle both tasks, and you’ll be less effective at both of them. Take a good look at how much time your social media duties take up—if they take you away from your main objectives of running your business, it’s time to recalibrate.

It’s too much of a chore.

People respond to companies that have passion and enthusiasm and want to share that with the world. If managing your social media is a drag, that will probably show through in your content, and you’ll have a harder time attracting followers.

You have a hard time generating content.

Attending to your social media is like stoking a campfire—if you don’t keep it fueled, it will eventually die out. Content is the fuel for your channels, and it runs the gamut from blogs to videos to infographics. You need time to brainstorm topics and generate content that will engage your followers—and this is time you may not have in your busy schedule.

You’re not taking advantage of everything your channels have to offer.

Social media is rich with dynamic apps, tools, and tricks, but it sometimes seems like every day brings a new feature. It can be tricky to keep up with it all and learn how to employ these tools to your company’s benefit.

Your bottom line isn’t getting a boost.

A vibrant social media strategy should drive sales and there are plenty of opportunities to monetize your channels, like a shoppable Instagram page. Flat sales could be a sign that you need help in this area.

You’re not meeting your goals.

Consider the objectives for your social media plan, such as building engagement or driving traffic to your website. Simply put, you need to rethink your strategy if you can’t move the needle and achieve those goals.

Data analysis is difficult.

Are your social media analytics more like hieroglyphics? A social media manager can assess your numbers and develop a plan to capitalize on your strengths and shore up any weaknesses.

You’ve got money to spend on ads.

Social media advertising is huge, with a whopping $40 billion spent in 2020 alone. Without a focused campaign backed by a strong sense of the analytics, you may just be throwing money away.

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