What’s New: Keep Up with Some of the Latest Social Media Tools

What’s New: Keep Up with Some of the Latest Social Media Tools

Your favorite social media platform probably doesn’t look the same way it did last year, or even last month or last week. That’s because technological innovation constantly changes what can be offered on social channels, with the goal of expanding what users can do. Plus, social media took a huge leap forward during the pandemic as so many people went online in the face of lockdowns and limited social activities.

This means new tools are popping up all the time on social media—and at such a dizzying rate that it can be hard to keep track of it all. Here are some of the more recent developments you should know about.

LinkedIn Stories

The up-close-and-personal nature of story tools made them a natural fit for Instagram and Facebook, where their popularity has exploded. Now, LinkedIn has added a story component so users can put a personal spin on their professional profiles.

Instagram Reels

TikTok has changed the game on social media, and Instagram was quick to adapt with Reels. It allows you to record videos with music, although Reels videos are a maximum 30 seconds, compared to a full minute on TikTok.

Pinterest Idea Pins

It’s no coincidence that video is so popular on social. With this tool, Pinterest users can make a video of themselves cooking a recipe, or group multiple images on succulent arrangements, summer fashions, or any other topic. Brands can use it to showcase products or services in new, dynamic ways.


Podcasts get social on this newer audio app, which has been invite-only. “Rooms” on the app host conversations on different topics, some of them featuring well-known speakers. Users can drop into rooms that interest them and listen in, or even participate in the chat.

Twitter Spaces

Not to be outdone by Clubhouse, Twitter recently introduced its own live conversation-based feature. Time will tell if Spaces proves to be a feature that will win over users; in a bid to stay competitive with Clubhouse, Twitter is making Spaces more widely available by allowing anyone with more than 600 followers to host a conversation.

Facebook Shops

Now’s the time to establish a strong retail presence for your brand on social media—half of all Americans on the Internet say they’d like to shop for products via social media. One way to do that is with Facebook and Instagram Shops. Page-building tools allow you to highlight merchandise and customize to the look of your business’ page. Currently, Facebook hosts Live Shopping Fridays, with certain companies showcasing their products via live stream.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook has another recent ecommerce option for users. This one allows you to create a custom ad based on what a user is looking at on your website.

YouTube Shorts

One video can reap a lot of content with this new feature that allows you to create shareable snippets. If you just gave the keynote address as a thought leader at an industry conference, you can break up the video of your talk, highlighting key points in minute-long chunks that can be posted on your social platforms.


Keeping up with all these social media innovations can be a full-time job. Perfect Partner Solutions stays on top of this ever-changing social landscape so we can best serve our clients’ needs. If you need help with social media, or other digital marketing needs, contact us today to maximize the potential of your social media platforms.