Ask the Social Media Professional: Answers to Your Digital Marketing Questions

Ask the Social Media Professional: Answers to Your Digital Marketing Questions

One of the things I enjoy about my job is helping my clients get the most out of their digital marketing and social media campaigns. Navigating this broad and ever-changing landscape requires a knowledgeable guide who can chart a course that brings the best results. I love talking with all of my clients and answering their questions so they understand how to make all things digital work for them. For this blog, I wanted to share my answers to some of the questions I get most often.

How often should I be posting to Instagram?

The art of Instagram posting takes a Goldilocks approach that hits the “just right” sweet spot. Too many posts can overwhelm, while too few won’t get your brand the traction and followers you want. At Perfect Partner Solutions, we typically post 4 to 5 times a week for our clients. But it’s not just about how frequently you post—you need to think about what type of content you’re posting, too. We use a mix of posts for the feed, Stories, and Reels or IGTV video when possible. When creating the content, cover a variety of topics, stay authentic to your brand, and avoid the hard sell (any sales pitch should feel natural). 

Everyone seems to be on TikTok? Should I be on there, too?

TikTok is definitely having its moment in the spotlight. It’s the seventh most popular social platform in the world, with 689 million active users. But as with every digital platform, it’s important to determine where your target audience is spending time (both IRL and online) so you can reach them where they are. TikTok requires both creativity and a quick response but if your audience is on this platform, you can definitely reach them with a fun content plan that will require a lot of energy and enthusiasm for video!

With all the new social apps and tools, are blogging and email dead?

Both blogs and email have tremendous value, and you’ll want to consider incorporating them into your digital marketing plans. Blogging adds unique content to your brand website, which is essential for search engine optimization (SEO). The strategic use of SEO keywords in your blogs can help your website move up in the search rankings, drive more visitors to the site, and reinforce your branding efforts. Plus, you can repurpose your blogs for additional content on social media. And reaching your audiences through email continues to be relevant when you have content they want to read about. We create content and email plans that align with your business goals and help drive traffic to your website and sales pages.


If you have any questions about digital and social media marketing, you’ve come to the right place! Perfect Partner Solutions has the expertise you can count on to manage your campaigns and strengthen your brand. Find the answers you’ve been looking for and contact us today.