Everything Old is New Again—Give Your Content a Second Life on Social Media

Everything Old is New Again—Give Your Content a Second Life on Social Media

Creating social media content—good, interesting content that brings value to your followers—can seem like a daunting job. How do you keep up with the never-ending demands of posting on all your channels—coming up with topics, writing posts, shooting photos or video? I help my clients make the job much easier, and more inventive, with smart strategies. One of my favorites is repurposing content we’ve already created and giving it a new spin.

This is a great way to fill up your content calendar with very little expense or effort on your part. If you’ve built up a collection of blogs, videos, and images, you have a treasure trove of material to draw from.

Some Key Tips on Repurposing Content

When I consider what types of content to repurpose, I look at what performed well and drew great results in its first go-round. If there was a particular blog post that garnered lots of traffic or comments on a client’s website, for instance, we may revive it as the subject of a podcast or promote it on Twitter. Something that works well is taking data from a blog post and turning it into an eye-catching infographic that can be posted on Instagram or Facebook. Our agency has graphic designers who excel at creating infographics and other visual content.

Evergreen content is always great to have on hand, and I encourage clients to build up an arsenal of it that can be reused multiple times in multiple ways. Think about content pegged to your business’ anniversary or major holidays, or other events that occur with regular frequency. Evergreen social media materials are handy to have in your back pocket.

Photos are another great resource for repurposing content. Old images are great as a backdrop for a text overlay promoting a quote from an interview, an upcoming event, a datapoint from a report, or an inspirational brand message. You can also repurpose product images from your website and use them to advertise a sale or promotion, with a link to drive traffic back to your site. Don’t forget to put your images on Pinterest, too. And there’s nothing wrong with a throwback post, either!

And if you’ve got video capabilities, take full advantage of them. Can you find a video angle that gives new life to a blog post? Does your company present livestream events that you can edit and upload to your social channels? Let your imagination and creativity loose to find new takes on your content.

As you get used to repurposing your old content, you’ll bring a new eye to creating fresh content. You’ll start thinking about the many ways you can present topics that you’re brainstorming. Let’s say you’re going to conduct an interview with a thought leader in your industry for an upcoming blog post. You may want to also record the interview so you have material for short video clips or a podcast, and take a couple of photos as well. Then you’ll be able to promote your brand and engage your followers in many exciting ways.

Get Help with Content Repurposing

Perfect Partner Solutions has years of expertise in creating dynamic content for clients, whether it’s new or repurposed. We’ll talk with you about your goals and messaging to craft the most effective social media content for your channels. Contact us today and learn how we can give your content new life.