Who Are You? Finding Your Voice on Social Media

Who Are You? Finding Your Voice on Social Media

When you’re scrolling through your social feeds, what makes you stop and pay attention? Is it distinctive, visually arresting photography? A breezy, tightly edited video? Or a post written with humor or an exciting point of view? Odds are, the thing that caught your eye was a well-developed brand voice.

In a world of bots, sponcon, and influencers buying fake followers, authenticity stands out. A brand voice that’s true to your company’s mission and values is integral to social media success.

I often help companies find their voice on social media. It’s an exciting, creative process, and I love seeing brands take control of their narrative on their platforms. Once the brand voice clicks into place, it’s so much easier to develop content because you know what you want to say, and how to say it, in your posts.

Here are some of the key points I share with my clients:

  • Settle on a tone and “personality”

Positioning your brand as an “expert” will involve a different writing style than a brand targeting the teen market. Develop characteristics that are hallmarks of the brand’s personality–perhaps you’re going to place a premium on humor, or offer advice from a position of authority. Think of phrases you’ll use (and ones you’ll avoid) that convey the brand voice persona. Once you’ve crafted this, draft a document that serves as a style guide for anyone handling your social media.

  • Keep it conversational

You’re on social media, so this isn’t the place for long, wordy sentences that are hard to read. Write like a person talks, and don’t take too long to get to the point.

  • A picture’s worth a thousand words

Voice doesn’t just apply to written content. Visuals are an important part of your brand’s language. They should match the messaging, tone, and personality. A brand using humor to engage with younger followers may employ memes and GIFs from pop culture in its posts. Photography can also convey brand voice through color, lighting,and composition. Check out Go Pro’s Instagram page, which is full of breathtaking action photos from around the world. You immediately know what the brand is about (and the photos are, not coincidentally, a great advertisement for the company’s products).Even logos and graphic design can convey voice through their color palette. Check out our blog to see an example of how we use a cohesive graphic design style to express tone and visual style

  • Make your voice heard everywhere

You’ve created a strong vision for your brand’s voice, but don’t limit it to social. You want to maintain consistency across all your company’s consumer-facing communications, which may include emails, blog content, your website, press releases, and more. A social media manager will ensure this alignment across all your channels for a unified voice and vision.

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