The Social Media Tools I Love to Use

The Social Media Tools I Love to Use

Managing a brand’s social media strategy is an all-encompassing job. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools in my toolbox to make the job much easier.

Social media tools allow me to streamline and simplify the dozens of details involved in a typical campaign. This gives me the speed and efficiency to be fast and responsive, so my clients stay current and out in front on trending topics in their industries. And because it’s simpler to stay on top of the details, I also have more time and energy to develop a big-picture focus for every client’s social media strategy.

This is an ever-evolving field. New tools are introduced all the time; the next hot one may be just around the corner. For now, here are a few of my favorite things for managing social media accounts:


With countless images to scroll through, you need picture-perfect posts to capture attention on Pinterest. Tailwind transforms photos with an easy-to-use interface. Choose custom color palettes, add text or a logo, and much more. One of my favorite features: Tailwind automatically resizes images to fit all the major social media platforms. Plus, you can also optimize and auto-schedule your posts so your eye-catching images find the broadest-possible audience.


This tool is ideal for all your Instagram needs. Managing a feed is a snap with Later because you can simply drag and drop content into the scheduler; Later will even suggest the best time to post to get the most traction. Plus, every post can be shoppable thanks to the feature. Finally, you can glean valuable info from your Insta campaign with Later’s analytics.

Social Pilot

This scheduling tool is a social media manager’s dream. Social Pilot gives you the ability to create and schedule posts with Post Composer, where one post can be tailored for multiple platforms, for the ultimate convenience. It also effortlessly lets you plan content calendars for the short- and long-term. And like Later, Social Pilot offers a wealth of analytic features to measure the success of your campaign.


Trello is my favorite solution for managing multiple accounts, keeping everything organized in one location. This content management system lets me and my team track projects through every stage, so we don’t miss a step. I particularly like how shareable Trello is, so I can present my clients with any information they need. And when I’m on the go and a photo I need for a post comes in, I can magically “transfer” the image from my phone to my desktop by adding it to a Trello board.


You may be posting to all your social media accounts regularly, but if the content doesn’t look professional, that can actually do more harm than good. Stay on top of your content game with Canva. Templates give you the freedom to create stunning posts, and it’s easy for your team to collaborate. You can also use Canva to make videos, presentations, and print materials as well as social media content.

A Pro Can Be Your Best Social Media Tool

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