Mind Your Manners: The Importance of Social Media Etiquette

Mind Your Manners: The Importance of Social Media Etiquette

If you’ve spent any time on social media at all in recent years, it may seem like the Wild West. Snarky comments, misinformation, and just plain rudeness seem to be everywhere. But your brand should be a beacon of professionalism and respectability, which will help you cut through the chatter and burnish your company’s reputation. That’s why social media etiquette is important.

The Benefits of Social Media Etiquette Guidelines

Developing a set of clear guidelines helps your business in a number of ways:

  • It reinforces consistency for your brand’s voice on social media.
  • Everyone on your team will be on the same page when responding to customers or posting on social media.
  • You decrease the risk of running into privacy, security, and legal issues when you incorporate industry guidelines and regulations into your etiquette plan.
  • Your social media channels won’t look spammy or overly sales-oriented, which can be a turn off for potential followers and make your brand look less authentic.
  • You create an aura of positivity around your brand by responding respectfully and quickly to your followers. This can lead to strong relationship-building and greater customer loyalty.

When It’s Important to Use Social Media Etiquette

Social media etiquette should be the foundation of every post and interaction your brand makes on your social channels. However, there are some instances where it comes in especially handy:

  • Customer complaints

A negative review can be devastating when you invest your time, energy, and passion into your brand. Even if you want to vent and post a screed in defense of your company, this is a time to show restraint. Respond courteously and professionally, and personalize your response–it’s a turnoff to scroll through Yelp or Google reviews and see the same boilerplate apology to multiple complaints. If needed, offer to take the conversation offline for enhanced customer service.

  • Shipping issues

Your business isn’t alone if you’ve been affected by the delays at our nation’s ports that are disrupting the supply chain. Maintain transparency if shipping problems are slowing down delivery. Customers will appreciate the honesty, and it allows them to keep realistic expectations for their order arrivals.

  • Event cancellations

Unfortunately, everyone has probably had some experience with this due to the pandemic. Post as soon as you know your event will be cancelled so you don’t leave attendees hanging. Thank everyone who bought a ticket or RSVP’d and announce any rescheduling plans or refunds.

  • Incendiary posts

You never know when someone may try to troll your social media platforms with political, religious, or other posts designed to draw a negative reaction. Responses should be as neutral as possible so you don’t get drawn into the fray. This goes both ways–social media etiquette should govern any posts your company makes on hot-button issues. A social media manager is vital for developing strategies that align with your brand’s values and company culture.

Let Perfect Partner Solutions Craft a Personalized Etiquette Plan for You

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