How to Hire a Social Media Manager

How to Hire a Social Media Manager

You’ve reached the point where your social media channels are growing and thriving. In fact, they’re so active that you realize it’s time to bring on a social media manager to help your company make the most of everything social has to offer. But how do you find the right manager that best fits your brand’s needs?

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind. You’ll want to get this information from any prospective candidate in order to make an informed decision.

  • Excellent Communication

This is perhaps the most important point that can’t be emphasized enough: You need a partner that excels at transparent, responsive communication. Social media channels are active 24/7, and you don’t want to be left behind while you’re waiting for an email or call back from your manager. Ask potential managers how they handle client communications. For instance, Perfect Partner Solutions is best reached via email because we have clients in different time zones, so our office hours vary. We’re happy to talk via phone and video calls, too, and we make scheduling these virtual meetings easy with our Calendly link.

  • Planning

Social media campaigns are multifaceted, running concurrently on several platforms, each with their own specific requirements. A results-driven social media agency is adept at managing all those details while keeping an eye on big-picture goals and objectives. You’ll want a manager to make time for monthly meetings, at a minimum, to discuss overarching strategy and content needs. 

  • Expertise

An adept social media manager takes care of all your social needs, so you have one less thing to worry about and can focus on your business. Look for someone who has experience running a variety of campaigns and is well-versed on all the latest social tools. Your manager should also be able to explain clearly their reporting methodology and have a clear understanding of analytics. Perfect Partner Solutions, for example, compiles monthly social reports, with data on each platform as well as website performance analysis that illustrates how digital marketing campaigns are driving traffic.

  • Market Knowledge

You want a social media agency that understands your business. Any manager you work with should curate and build social relationships with your local partners to extend your brand’s reach. The manager should also stay on top of your competitors’ social feeds.

  • Versatility

You may want to work with someone who offers services beyond social media to plan broader digital campaigns, encompassing everything from email marketing to event promotion. If you want to focus on social, make sure the social media manager can supply the deliverables that you need but can’t produce on your own in-house. This may include blogs, photography, graphic design, videography and editing, and more. 

At Perfect Partner Solutions, we’re eager to talk with you about your social media strategy, and how we can help you meet your brand’s online goals. Contact us today to get started.